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IDBac Analysis

IDBac Templates

MALDI Plate Map

Metadata Sheet

IDBac workflows require a mzML file format. For guidance on how to convert raw data or mzXML to mzML, see the tabs to the left.

1) Upload mzML files to

i) Select "File Browser" found on the homepage.

ii) Create a new folder and upload your mzML files, plate map and metadata sheet.



2) Submit Analysis workflow:

Select idbac_analysis_workflow and reference the following image for submission instructions.

You may submit metadata within this workflow, or on the Interactive IDBac Analysis interface

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3) Analysis options:

Once the idbac_analysis_workflow is complete, you have the ability to analyze your data through:

i) Interactive IDBac Analysis: Choose parameters and visually analyze your dataset. See section below for more details.

ii) Database Search Summary: Compare protein spectra of your unknown isolate against our database of characterized bacterial strains and obtain similarity scores.


i) Interactive IDBac Analysis

See images below for more detail

a) If you did not include a metadata spreadsheet during the workflow submission, you may upload the file here.

b) Choose your preferred parameters for dendrogram visualization.

c) Select how database hits will be displayed in the dendrogram.

d) If you would like to remove isolates from the dendrogram, you may do so here.

e) You can choose a dendrogram cut-height and/or display dendrogram distance values for each isolate.

f) Your dendrogram will be displayed according to the parameters set above. Note: Database strains will be labeled as 'DB'.

g) Visualize a single spectrum or compare two spectra via a mirror plot.

h) URL link to easily share this analysis page.





ii) Database Search Summary