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Convert mzXML to mzML

1) Upload mzXML files to

i) Select "File Browser" found on the homepage.

ii) Create a new folder and upload the mzXML files that need conversion.

image image

2) Run the msconvert_workflow

i) Select the mzXML files that you would like to convert to mzML from the drop down menu.

ii) Submit workflow.

iii) The output of this workflow is individual mzML files that can be used in downstream IDBac analysis or database depositions.


3) Choose what you would like to do next:

a) IDBac Analysis: Analyze spectra within your dataset indepedently, or compare against the IDBac protein database (See "IDBac Analysis" tab).

b) IDBac Protein Database Deposition: Deposit metadata and spectra of genetically verified isolates into the IDBac database (See "IDBac Database Depositions" tab).

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