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Web Server for Chemical Structure pictures as well as other chemical structure things

Web API Endpoints

Full resolution of all structural information conversion

InChI Conversion

InChIKey Conversion

Smiles Conversion,1-3H3

Mol Conversion,1-3H3



Structure Mass,1-3H3

Adduct Masses,1-3H3

Structure Fingerprint,1-3H3

Structure Drawing,1-3H3

Structure Similarity,1-3H3&smiles2=CN1C=NC2=C1C(=O)N(C(=O)N2C)C

Rapidly search pre-made libraries GNPS and MassIVE spectral data. Search by peaks in json format using query_spectrum:{%22n_peaks%22:15,%22peaks%22:[[165.06979370117188,0.38009798526763916],[167.072998046875,1.7413330078125],[179.07260131835938,0.2999509871006012],[180.08079528808594,100.0],[181.08859252929688,2.8455820083618164],[182.09649658203125,23.914995193481445],[192.08079528808594,0.6896359920501709],[193.0886993408203,0.2419929951429367],[208.07569885253906,3.9236950874328613],[210.09129333496094,51.83255386352539],[236.0706024169922,4.025279998779297],[253.09719848632812,21.652437210083008],[254.08120727539062,46.069068908691406],[255.0872039794922,0.3038550019264221],[271.1077880859375,0.7285820245742798]],%22precursor_charge%22:0,%22precursor_mz%22:271.1077}

Search by USI:

Parameters: * usi (mutually exclusive with query spectrum) * library: The pre-built library index, options are listed on the Fast Search GUI * analog: [Yes/No], Defaults to "No" * cache: [Yes/No], Defaults to "No" * lower_delta: defaults to 130 * upper_delta: defaults to 200 * pm_tolerance (Da): The tolerance for precursor mass matching in daltons, defaults to 0.05 * fragment_tolerance (Da): The tolerance for matching individual peaks in daltons, defaults to 0.05 * cosine_threshold: The minimum cosine threshold to be included in the results, defaults to 0.7 * query_spectrum (mututally exclusive with USI): A json formatted peak list

Public Dataset Files

Access spectral data by USI or SpectrumID Getting all files per dataset{accession}/files

Getting file path per USI{file usi}

Getting spectrum data from Spectrum ID{Spectrum ID}

JSON Peak List from USI{file usi}

JSON Peak List from USI (Example):