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Mass Spectrometry Search Tool

We have a new implementation of the MASST tool in GNPS2 that is significantly accelerated.

Below are the databases and their descriptions:

Index Name Description Status
metabolomicspanrepo_index_latest Latest metabolomics data Current
gnpslibrary_index Latest GNPS library metabolomics data Current
gnpsdata_index Original GNPS data indexing for metabolomics data 2022
gnpsdata_index_11_25_23 Rebuilding of index for GNPS metabolomics data for plantmasst Nov 25 2023
massivekb_index Proteomics library massivekb index 2022
massivedata_index Proteomics raw data index 2022

Interacting Programmatically

Checkout the API in the GNPSDatapackage for API access here.

Commandline Access

Checkout the commandline tool here.

GNPS2 Workflow

Checkout the GNPS2 Workflow here.